1. March’s Winter Wonderland


    If there’s one thing we know, it’s that the dog days of winter throughout March can be tough. The pretty, white majestic snow starts to look a shade closer to dirt, and being “snuggled” inside the house all day has lost its charm as cabin fever sets in. At TalkTo, we argue that the best cure for the winter blues is to head into the great wild to recapture some of that December joy. After all, snow is a limited commodity and you can’t very well strap on your skis in July. 

    Planning a winter sports trip can be an expensive hassle, but – lucky for you – TalkTo is perfectly equipped to handle all of your equipment. Text your favorite rental shop from here to Killington to find the best deals on rental boards and boots. Curious about the conditions? Go ahead and text the mountain operator to figure out which black diamond you’ll be swooshing down soon. Make sure to text the mountain retailer for the cost of helmets – nothing ruins a ski trip like a journey to the hospital.

    Once your activities are squared away, you’ll need a nice lodge to cozy up in. Text to find a room, and while you’re at maybe you’ll want to arrange a nice bottle of icy champagne upon arrival? Shoot an under-the-radar text to your hotel concierge on the journey up.

    See you on the slopes.

  2. Lights, camera, action!

    Oscar statues

    And the winner is…


    No, sadly, we’re not nominated for an Oscar this year. But, happily, many of this year’s greatest movies are, including Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, and Zero Dark Thirty. The Oscar bash is one of the great joys of the Academy Awards, and TalkTo has you covered for everything you need to ensure your party doesn’t accidentally look like a recreation of Les Miserables.

    Have you heard the people sing? You can’t very well accurately fill out your ballot if you haven’t seen all the movies. TalkTo can help you text movie theaters for those last-minute show times. Do your best Rachel Zoe impression and text stores to determine what their stocks of red carpet-worthy gowns look like. Text your favorite restaurant for that perfect appetizer recipe to get your attendees heralding you as best leader since Lincoln..

    Don’t worry if your favorite movie didn’t win. The silver lining is that there’s always next year. In the meantime, use TalkTo to text your watering hole to ensure they’ve got your favorite whiskey and an open seat.

  3. Be a Holiday Hero



    Did the droopy, over-priced flowers you grabbed at the last minute fail to impress? How about the sexy “silk” boxers acquired in a moment of unclear thinking?

    Ah, Valentine’s Day. We’ve all suffered the aftermath of plans gone awry: forgotten dinner reservations, a complete lack of chocolate, and the missing flowers while the deliveries came in for all your sweetie’s coworkers.

    Never again! Next holiday, things will be different. Next time, you’ll use TalkTo and get it all done quickly and easily with text messages.

    Grab that reservation at your favorite restaurant while still sitting in your meeting. Don’t argue with the florist over the cost of a dozen long-stemmed roses, text each flower shop in your neighborhood to find the best deal. Don’t worry if the perfect gift is going to be in stock, text the store to make sure what you want is there – and in the right size – before sneaking out of the house.

    Here’s to happier holidays in 2013! Purim, St. Patrick’s Day, Passover and Easter will be here before you know it. Get texting!

  4. Heading South?

    It’s that time of year when everyone is sick of Winter. Two of our own TalkTo employees are heading to warmer climates this week to get a break from the snow and ice.

    As exciting as it is to head towards the equator - traveling can still be stressful. There are the long lines at security, concerns about remembering to pack everything, and the lingering suspicion that you left the space heater running. Not to mention the endless possibilities for mini disasters - What if my plane is delayed? Or my rental car was handed out to someone else? Or my hotel reservation wasn’t properly processed?

    Enter: TalkTo. Texting businesses is always handy, but especially so when traveling. Is your flight delayed while you are left to starve out on the tarmac? Send a text to find out what time the In & Out Burger at your destination closes. Forget your iPhone charger? Text the hotel to see if they can arrange for a loaner. Finally going to indulge in your daydreams of hanging 10 on Waikiki Beach? Text surf shops to find instructors.

    Hopefully TalkTo can make your winter travels a little less stressful this year. Surf’s up!

    Swimmers on Beach

  5. Hold On, I’m On Hold

    Hate being stuck on hold listening to muzak and Kenny G?

    You’re not alone. More than 85% of people are put on hold every time they call a business. We discovered this when we commissioned a survey of 500 consumers.

    The sad truth is we are growing old on hold. Check out these crazy stats: Half of respondents spend 10-20 minutes per week on hold. That adds up to 13 hours per year and 43 days spent on hold in a lifetime!  And as if waiting on hold wasn’t bad enough, nearly 50% say that calling businesses is unproductive because the people on the other end aren’t helpful when they do answer.

    There has to be a better way to get answers from businesses.

    And there is, it’s TalkTo. Texting is the universal mode that consumers prefer. More than 61% of people in their 20s and 35% of people in their 30s send more than 50 text messages per week! Even 25% of people in their 40s send between 26-50 texts per week.

    Below is an infographic illustrating just how frustrating it can be to wait on hold. Want to let un know what you think about it? Just send us a text with TalkTo.

    Buh-bye, Kenny G.

    TalkTo On Hold Survey Infographic

    Embed this graphic on your own site:

    <div><a href="http://blog.talkto.com/post/41221909391/on-hold-survey"><img src="http://taltko-blog.s3.amazonaws.com/on-hold-survey-infographic.jpg" alt="Don't Grow Old On Hold"></a></div>
  6. Talking To Strangers

    "If you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own." - Wes Nisker

    We’ve spent time recently talking to the press, and have received some wonderful recognition as a result. We’re proud to be named one of Mashable’s 25 Standout Apps of 2012. Media attention like this helps us spread our message that TalkTo can make your life easier by allowing you to text any business in the U.S.

    We’re looking forward to a bright and shiny new year with more news, more new TalkTo users, and more buzz. Here’s some of our favorite recent coverage:

    Mashable, "25 Standout Apps from 2012":  December 3, 2012

    • "TalkTo allows you to text businesses and get a direct reply from the location nearest you, without the fuss and discomfort of making a call. Don’t get stuck waiting on hold; just shoot off a text while you’re eating dinner, studying, getting a haircut or whatever. Suddenly, businesses are easier to… TalkTo."

    LifeHacker, "TalkTo Lets You Text Message Businesses So You Don’t Have to Call Them":  November 13, 2012

    • "TalkTo works in the background to find the best way to contact the business with your message, delivering it by chat, SMS, email, or by phone if necessary. Then it sends you a text response. In this way, it kind of acts like a virtual assistant."

    Momprenuer Mogul, "Get more things done by texting and say goodbye to phone calls with TalkTo":  November 14, 2012

    • "The possibilities are endless regarding the multitude of ways that TalkTo can simply your life and help you get in touch with the businesses and products that you love most."

    Reuters, "Forget phoning a business, new app sends a text instead":  November 19, 2012

    • "Texting a business is similar to texting a friend. Users simply start typing the business name and then select it from a directory that includes tens of millions of businesses."

    TechCrunch, “Disrupt Finalist TalkTo Brings Its SMS-Based Communication Platform To The Web”:  November 13, 2012

    • "The first time you get a text response after typing a question into a search result, you’ll understand the power of the platform."

    Free Times: "APP OF THE MONTH: TALKTO":  December 3, 2012

    • "Search for a business, type your message, and a few minutes later you’ll get back a response. Magic. That’s it. Get answers, don’t waste time on the phone, get on with your life (this should be their slogan)."
  7. Resolve to Spend Less Time on Hold


    With all the talk this week of New Year’s Resolutions, we’re eager to join in. We’ve decided on the following company resolutions for TalkTo:

    • We resolve that “your call is important to us” will never be heard again by our customers.
    • We resolve to kill the phone tree.
    • We resolve to rid the world of smooth jazz.
    • We resolve to bankrupt Kenny G.

    Please let us know how we’re doing on these resolutions. We love hearing from TalkTo customers, so send us a text. Heck, send any business a text with TalkTo!

  8. Resolution Execution

    It’s a new year, and time for a resolution - right? With all the ads, headlines and discounted gym memberships, you’ll be tempted to make a New Year’s resolution, but unfortunately, most resolutions are quickly forgotten.

    We hope this year will be different for you, and we want TalkTo to help. Use TalkTo to take an easy first step on your resolution. If you give your resolution a little burst of forward momentum, it has a better chance of picking up steam and sticking.

    How can TalkTo help you kickstart your resolution? Use TalkTo text the yoga studio near you to find out when a beginner’s class starts. Send a text to see if CVS has the stop-smoking gum you’ve heard doesn’t taste terrible. There’s a yarn shop around the corner, but you’re not sure if they have knitting classes? Yeah, you can text them, too!

    If you’re looking to start a new resolution, TalkTo can help you make it happen. Send a text and get on with your day, knowing that the first step in making your resolution happen is already under way.

    Photo courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/wwworks/ Some rights reserved.

  9. It’s a Beautiful Day in the Hipster Neighborhood

    Photo courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/michaelphams/ Some rights reserved.Forbes posted a list of “America’s Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods,” which included places like Downtown Portland, Maine, the Warehouse District in New Orleans, and a neighborhood not too far from our office; Allston-Brighton in Boston.

    What all these neighborhoods have in common is an abundance of live music, coffee bars, galleries, boutiques and some of the best microbrews around. Even if you don’t consider yourself part of this “hipster” crowd, these neighborhoods are still a great place to hang out on the weekends. But, they can be pretty busy.

    So how can you avoid the crowds and still enjoy the best these neighborhoods have to offer? Consider texting the places you plan to visit to make your plans ahead of time.

    Use TalkTo to text for reservations and appointments, to find gifts and products you’re looking for, and to make sure the places you want to visit are open when you want them to be.

    Here are some ideas to make your planning easier:

    • Text for a cab: Pick up at 9 a.m. please!
    • Text the local bar: Who’s playing tonight? Do you have the fall microbrew on tap?
    • Text the florist: Can you make up a special bouquet? I’ll be there at noon.
    • Text the art gallery: What artist are you showing this weekend?
    • Text the local shop: Do you sell handmade linens?

    You could ask all these questions without making a single call, and you’d have answers a few minutes later. Ditch the phone calls, and enjoy the neighborhood!

  10. End of Days

    No Gas Sign

    You’ve heard the chatter. The Mayans forecast today to be the end of the world.

    It’s late, but there’s still hope. You can use TalkTo to text local businesses for the supplies you’ll need to survive. With TalkTo you text any business in the United States and they’ll respond.

    So what businesses should you text? The first thing you need is safe air so text your local Army Surplus store and ask them if they have a gas mask.

    Next, you’ll need shelter. TalkTo Atlas Survival Shelters to get the price on a nuclear fallout shelter.

    Now that you’re breathing safe and chilling in your layer, let’s talk water and food.

    Normally, you could text your favorite pizza place and have them deliver you a pie and soda, but those are luxuries of the industrialized world. TalkTo REI about a handpump, water purification pills and water bottles.

    You need enough food to survive while honing your hunting, gathering and fishing skills. TalkTo your local grocery store and see if they have cases of ramen you can pick up.

    You’ll also need some tools. Text your local hardware store and ask them to hold you a Leatherman knife, Maglite flashlight, and a headlamp.

    Good luck and TalkTo you on the other side.