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  2. A Busy Week in the Busy Boston Start-Up Scene

    Being a Boston-based start-up, we are surrounded by the rich history of our nation and the boundless innovation that’s helped to make it great. That includes some of the world’s greatest start-ups…and just lots of cool stuff.

    This week, we had the pleasure of being a featured app in the AppCorner podcast on BostInno. Prompted by the launch of the iPhone 5, new features and apps were on the minds of the Raizlabs podcast team. After seeing us at the DrinksOnTap event, one of them had used TalkTo to get an answer from Dunkin Donuts while putting his kids to bed. He wanted a Box O’ Joe filled with hot chocolate but didn’t want to call or waste time riding over there if they didn’t have it. Did he end up delivering said hot chocolate to the throngs of numb-fingered people waiting in line for the iPhone 5? That’s one question for which we don’t have the answer.

    We also headed over to WebInno this week. WebInno is a quarterly forum where entrepreneurs and early-stage startups share and exchange ideas with their peers. We had the opportunity to hear from Bill Simmons of DataXu, Matt Lauzon of Gemvara and Dharmesh Shah of HubSpot, as well as a number of other startups. It was a great crowd, and fun to run into people showing us new ways they’re using TalkTo!

    We also found out we’d been selected to present to the Mobile Monday crowd on October 1st! It’s a free event at Ned Devine’s where we’ll be demoing with a number of other Boston startups and hope you’ll register using the link above to join us!