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  2. 10 More Reasons Students Should Text, Not Talk

    Back on campus, back in action. For college students across the country, classes are in full swing and chances are, so are the papers and exams (and the parties of course). So much to do, so little time, right?

    For students, texting is a way of life. So wouldn’t it be cool to extend the way you already communicate with friends and family to your local pizza shop, bar, hair salon or book store – in fact, any local business? And let’s be honest, no one likes making phone calls. They’re annoying. They’re inefficient. You feel like “that guy” on the phone.

    Now there’s actually an alternative.

    Text is the perfect way to get information and check items off your to-do list as you navigate your course schedule and social calendar.  

     As if students needed more excuses to text, here are 10 more awesome reasons to text instead of call:

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