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  2. Winner, Winner — wait, WHAT’S for dinner??

    TalkTo is like a Swiss Army Knife; it’s one tool that can do so many jobs. With TalkTo, you can connect with nearby businesses - big or small, independent or national chain - and ask just about anything.

    To get a sense of what’s possible, we gave our users a challenge: Share your most creative use cases. The results are in. Wow, we have a creative community!

    The Winner

    Congratulations to Michael Wimsatt and his text to Ottomanelli & Sons in New York. Is it true: Does alligator taste like chicken?

    The Almosts:

    This Father used to TalkTo to fill his tummy while his child counted sheep.

    This hiker needed the right boots from REI.


    And, well, this one just made us blush.

    Thanks to everyone who submitted! We love to hear what tasks TalkTo makes easier for you.

  3. Hello, texting. 20 looks good on you.

    Cupcake image courtesy of Theresa Thompson http://www.flickr.com/photos/theresasthompson/That’s right. Everybody’s favorite way to talk just turned twenty this week. The first SMS was sent on Dec. 3, 1992 when Neil Papworth sent the message “Merry Christmas”. Nothing’s been the same ever since. For most people, texting is now preferred to calling, which is why we created TalkTo.

    We know you’re busy and would prefer to text a business since you’re on-the-go and don’t have time to wait on hold for 20 minutes. With TalkTo, you text a business, and it texts you back.

    Our web and mobile app is simple and free. We’ve taken the spirit of that first SMS and applied it to how customers talk with businesses. It’s the same text message as back in 1992, but all grown up.

    We’ve come a long way, baby.

  4. Dear AT&T, We’re Sorry!


    According to the NY Times, smartphone apps “…could cost the world’s wireless companies tens of billions of dollars in lost revenue.”

    Why? Because texts sent through apps like TalkTo generally fall outside a texting plan with a carrier. “Cellphone users are sending more text messages than ever, but increasingly they are free.”

    Texting businesses for free is awesome, and we’re pretty sure TalkTo customers don’t mind giving less money to their wireless carrier. We’re going to keep at it, even if it means one less zero on a Wall Street balance sheet somewhere.

  5. Call me maybe? Never call again!

    Cookie Monster just texted the flour bakery for chocolate chip.  

    Cookie Monster Texting

    Watch cookie monster do his thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qTIGg3I5y8

  6. Text it, done.

    I love TalkTo. 

    Yes, being able to text for reservations, appointments and information is awesome, but what I love most is realizing every day there are unexpected ways to use it.

    Last week I rounded a corner under the Longfellow Bridge, on the Cambridge side, and I noticed the tunnel wall was crumbling. There were rocks all over the ground. I wanted to let the City know, so I typed in their name and sent them a text. It took me about 20 seconds.

    The result? Check out the pics below. No more crumbling wall! I turned the corner this morning and broke into a huge smile. TalkTo did that!

    last week…

    and this morning…